About V.me by Visa

What is V.me by Visa?

V.me is a hassle free online payment service that lets you check out by simply entering your username and password. It's a great way to manage your online shopping experience with a single account that you can use anywhere that accepts V.me.


Visa has a wealth of experience handling sensitive information. Offering multilayer authentication and industry standard encryption to secure your personal data.

Get started

To create a V.me account, go to the V.me enrollment page.

Once you're all set up, you'll be able to add payment cards and shipping addresses to your account. You can set up alerts for any of your Visa cards so you're notified by email or text message when those cards are used..

Other benefits include:

  • Add, update or remove details for one or more of your payment cards
  • Set a preferred payment method and shipping address
  • Add, update, or remove alerts on your Visa cards linked to your account